Target Groups and Needs

The target groups are:

  • teacher educators at all stages of teacher education
  • policymakers on local, regional, state, national and European levels
  • institutions in charge of teacher training curricula
  • local authorities in charge of school ICT infrastructure
  • school professionals: headmasters, school teachers, school ICT managers

Two crucial factors determine successful development of digital competences of pupils: (1) competent teachers who have the skills to use the opportunities of modern ICT to create effective learning settings and (2) learning settings equipped according to pedagogical requirements. So far, there has been too little mutual structured interaction between schools, ICT manufacturers/producers, local decisionmakers in ICT infrastructure, and institutions responsible for teacher education and teacher training.

This situation not infrequently leads to scenarios in which the potential of purchased ICT solutions is not fully exploited in pedagogical situations. At the same time, institutions responsible for teacher education need relevant, systematic know-how to improve implemention of ICT competences in their curricular concepts. Decision-makers in school infrastructure need guidelines for effective investment decisions.

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